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Sport Socks 3-Pack Urban ClassicsStrumpor

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Urban Classics

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Yttermaterial80% bomull, 17% polyester, 3% elastan
Tillgänglig sedan 27.02.2017

- Set of sports socks consisting of three pairs
- Featuring an elasticated upper to hold the foot perfectly in place and allow the socks to sit comfortably
- Features an elasticated band to support the foot's natural shape
- Padded sole and heel for a comfortable fit, particularly during sport
- Height from heel: approx. 17 cm

- What's a pair of socks' worst enemy? Correct, it's the washing machine. This sneaky thief often steals members of the sock gang – and unless you're a pirate, what good is one sock to anyone? The streetwear brand's three-part set of sport socks also includes three pairs of grey sport socks in the same design. Now you don't have to suffer from freezing feet until the sock gang members have been brought back together.


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