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Artikelnummer 328977
Kön Unisex
Musikgenre Heavy Metal
Exklusiv Nej
Media-format Blu-ray
Produktämne Band
live Ja
Band Judas Priest
Produkttyp Blu-ray
Skådespelare Judas Priest
Releasedatum 01.04.16
For the release of their last album "Redeemer Of Souls" Judas Priest played 130 shows in 33 countries around the globe. Last year's Wacken show "Battle Cry" is released both as Live CD, DVD and high-definition Blu-ray disc on the 25th March. The set list is brilliantly composed with new songs ("Dragonaut", "Halls Of Valhalla") and old songs ("Metal Gods", "Electric Eye", "Painkiller") and won't leave any one disappointed. The CD contains all 15 concert songs, the DVD and the Blu-ray disc contains additional bonus material.
Disc 1
1. Battle cry (Intro) (Live) 2. Dragonaut (Live) 3. Metal gods (Live) 4. Devil's child (Live) 5. Victim of changes (Live) 6. Halls of Valhalla (Live) 7. Turbo lover (Live) 8. Redeemer of souls (Live) 9. Beyond the realms of death (Live) 10. Jawbreaker (Live) 11. Breaking the law (Live) 12. Hell bent for leather (Live) 13. The Hellion (Live) 14. Electric eye (Live) 15. You've got another thing coming (Live) 16. Painkiller (Live) 17. Living after midnight (Live) 18. Screaming for vengeance (Live) 19. The rage (Live) 20. Desert plains (Live)

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