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Ditt paket beräknas bli levererat mellan 29 mars 2019 - 1 april 2019

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Artikelnummer 386889
Kön Unisex
Musikgenre Alternative/Indie
Media-format 2-LP
Produktämne Band
Band System Of A Down
Produkttyp LP
Releasedatum 12.10.18
Re-released in vinyl format.

System Of A Down fans shouldn’t take the title of the ‘Steal This Album’ too much to heart, but its music maybe a bit more so. It includes studio outtakes from the ‘Toxicity’ sessions – still top-quality metal by any standards. System Of A Down could never be mediocre, as you can see with tracks like ‘Innervision’, ‘Streamline’, ‘Boom!’ and ‘Roulette’. ‘Steal This Album’ is closely tied to ‘Toxicity’, logically enough, and is a perfect bridge to the next System Of A Down album, ‘Mezmerize’.
CD 1
1. Chic 'n' stu 2. Innervision 3. Bubbles 4. Boom! 5. Nüguns 6. A.D.D. 7. Mr. Jack 8. I-E-A-I-A-I-O 9. 36
CD 2
1. Pictures 2. Highway song 3. F**k the system 4. Ego brain 5. Thetawaves 6. Roulette 7. Streamline

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