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Artikelnummer 316977
Kön Unisex
Musikgenre Mid-tempo Pagan Black
Exklusiv Nej
Media-format CD
Utgåva Återutgåva
Produktämne Band
Band Arkona
Produkttyp CD
Releasedatum 11/11/2016
Released in Digipak.

The debut album ‘Vozrozhdenie’ (meaning: Revival) in 2004 put both 'Arkona' and their Russian homeland on the pagan/folk-metal map in one fell swoop. The powerful performance of front-woman Masha, in combination with Slavic mysticism and varied song writing, brought attention to Arkona’s debut album, which the band was to build on quickly in the coming years. Arkona has now completely re-recorded ‘Vozrozhdenie’, illuminating its own roots and giving new glamour to the first steps by Arkona with a fresh, sophisticated production! The beginnings of an outstanding career! Generous and sophisticated re-recording production!