Chaos & colour | LP | Uriah Heep

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Chaos & Colour' by Uriah Heep is ready to be released. This edition will be available on black Vinyl in a gatefold format.

The new Uriah Heep album 'Chaos & Colour' is an album that is full of explosive guitars, strong harmonies, and the well-known keyboard playing of Heep. 'The album title reflects the chaotic lockdown times in which Tours were canceled, business fell apart, and everything that caused chaos,' explains Mick Box, 'and the only colorful thing we had was the music that helped many people through this difficult time.' 'One Nation, One Sun' is a journey of a ballad, 'Fly Like An Eagle' takes the listener on a meditation journey, while 'Closer To Your Dreams' is a battle cry for all rockers - go out and do something - with Shaw's pleading vocals: 'So many have tried but slipped away/Now it's time for you to have your say.'

Produced by Jay Ruston and engineered by Pieter Rietkerk, Chaos & Colour is a top-notch quality hard rock album by the pioneers of the genre who still deliver first-class songs.

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Artikelnummer 546405
Musikgenre Hardrock
Media-format LP
Produktämne Band
Band Uriah Heep
Produkttyp LP
Releasedatum 27/01/2023
Kön Unisex

LP 1

  • 1.
    Save Me Tonight
  • 2.
    Silver Sunlight
  • 3.
    Hail the Sunrise
  • 4.
  • 5.
    One Nation, One Sun
  • 6.
    Golden Light
  • 7.
    You’ll Never Be Alone
  • 8.
    Fly Like an Eagle
  • 9.
    Freedom to Be Free

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