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Artikelnummer 226757
Kön Unisex
Musikgenre Thrash Metal
Exklusiv Nej
Media-format 2-CD
Produktämne Band
Band Holy Moses
Produkttyp CD
Releasedatum 20/04/2012
Holy Moses celebrate their 30th anniversary - depending on how you look at it they are a bit late (band foundation:1980) or a bit early (release of first LP "Queen of Siam":1986). However, "30 Years Anniversary - In The Power Of Now" contains 20 old tracks that have been re-recorded in addition to two unreleased tracks. Holy Moses deliver once again German thrash metal at its best!
CD 1
1. Clash My Soul 2. Jungle Of Lies 3. Finished With The Dogs 4. Symbol Of Spirit 5. World Chaos 6. SSP 7. Borderland 8. Lost In The Maze 9. Walpurgisnight 10. Welcome To The Real World 11. Near Dark
CD 2
1. Reborn Dogs 2. Def Con II 3. I Feel Sick 4. Nothing For My Mum 5. Disorder Of The Order 6. Corroded Dreams 7. Entering The Now 8. Creation Of Violation 9. Panic 10. Decapitatet Mind 11. Master Of Disaster