The legacy | LP | U.D.O.

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One thing has been clear for a long time: U.D.O. don't do things by halves and have not lost any strength even after over 35 years of band history! Through hundreds of shows worldwide - even in the most remote areas of Russia or South America - and a discography of over 20 albums, the band has proven time and time again that they belong not only in the national, but also international metal olympus. Albums like 'Steelfactory', 'Man And Machine' or 'Animal House' are timeless albums - precise, powerful, catchy and full of energy. Almost every album made it into the German album charts with one or more placements in the top 10! It's no wonder that national and international prominent colleagues like Doro or Lordi are fans and supporters of U.D.O.'s music. It's without question that we must pay tribute to the prophet of German metal and summarize the highlights of this successful career on one sound carrier. A total of 33 tracks from albums like Mastercutor, Holy, Solid, or Game Over, combined with nostalgic photos, make this compilation a must-have in the record collection not only for old fans of the band.

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Artikelnummer 560566
Musikgenre Heavy Metal
Media-format 4-LP
Produktämne Band
Band U.D.O.
Produkttyp LP
Releasedatum 20/10/2023
Kön Unisex

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